Secret Entourage – Third Circle Theory

For those whom are pursuing business ownership or have entertained the thought of jumping into that arena, this article is for you. 

Thanks to a group of entrepreneurs whom have tried, failed and adjusted in just about every industry, there’s now a system to guide you down the path of success. Secret Entourage is a crew of some of the more brilliant minds in the entrepreneurial industry. One is given access to Secret Entourage articles, resources, the book Third Circle Theory and most importantly, the  Secret Academy. Below is a video of founder Pejman Ghadimi explaining why he started Secret Entourage and how the academy can be a catalyst for business growth. Pejman is the author of  Third Circle Theory which has played a large role in unlocking the minds of so many. If nothing else, give them a follow on Instagram; they have one of the better feeds.

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Secret Entourage - Third Circle Theory
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